BOMA's Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC), part of BOMA International, is a tax exempt corporation under Section 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code.  In connection with MAC's governance and bylaws, the Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the organization.  As Directors, the Board has fiduciary responsibility for MAC.  Fiduciary responsibility involves a duty to act for the good of others.  Because MAC exists for the members' benefit, its Board exists to function as the guardian or steward to safeguard the members' interest.  Put simply, first and foremost, the Board safeguards MAC's mission.


PO Box 350497, Grand Island, Florida 32735-0497; 11936 Stanwood Way, Leesburg, Florida 34788

203-283-1637; 203-623-0817

BOMA MAC is a 501(c) 6 non-profit organization.

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